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🚨Dickinson County Approved for FEMA Individual Assistance

Emergency 5mph rule to be lifted at 6:00am Saturday

20240718reducedspeedAs outlined in the Dickinson County High-Water Plan, when the last gauge falls below the pre-determined emergency level, a 72-hour waiting period will begin prior to the 5mph rule being lifted. Yesterday morning (June 17) at 6:00 a.m., West Okoboji fell below 6.20’ on the USGS gauge. Therefore, the 5mph rule will be removed on all lakes in Dickinson County at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 20, 2024, barring any rainfall that would bring the level back up to 6.20’.

HOWEVER…We are strongly encouraging anyone who plans to be out on the lakes to be aware of sensitive areas that received damage in the recent floods. Those areas are highlighted on this map. If you are near these areas, please be respectful of the property owners and we recommend you reduce your speed to 5mph. Please see the attached map for the locations of sensitive areas.

USE CAUTION when traveling on rural roads in Dickinson County. Road crews are working to repair over 500 locations damaged in June's flood. Some roads remain barricaded due to severe damage or damaged bridges. NEVER DRIVE AROUND BARRICADES. Be patient. Crews are working as quickly as they can. If you encounter road work, slow down and give workers plenty of room, or better yet, take an alternate route.

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The rule was removed at 6am on July 20 for all lakes in the county

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Transitioned to FEMA Individual Assistance

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Activated July 18. Click the button below to apply.

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Emergency Management

Dickinson County Emergency Management is a core public safety agency and the designated disaster response agency and emergency operations center for the county.

The program is overseen by the Dickinson County Emergency Management Commission which has representation from the county and each city.


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Today/Tonight: Areas of fog are expected overnight into Sunday morning. Widespread visibility less than one mile is possible. Spotter activation is not expected at this time. (Issued: Sat, Jul 20)

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The Communities We Serve

  • Arnolds Park

    Pop. 1,142
    Arnolds Park is known as the city of five lakes. Those lakes are West and East Lake Okoboji, Lake Minnewashta, and Upper and Lower Gar Lakes. At the end of the 19th Century, Arnolds Park was, as it is today, the anchor of the Iowa Great Lakes Region.
  • Lake Park

    Pop. 1,173
    Situated around Silver Lake, Lake Park is a growing community in western Dickinson County with much to offer residents and visitors.
  • Milford

    Pop. 3,364
    Milford lies on the southern end of the Iowa Great Lakes and is referred to as The Gateway to the Iowa Great Lakes. Milford is home to the mythical University of Okoboji and is the place to be with its numerous city parks, great community facilities, a high-standard school system, and home of the Okoboji Pioneers.
  • Okoboji

    Pop. 752
    Okoboji is bordered by West Lake Okoboji on one side, East Lake Okoboji on the other side and the country toward the north. Residents feel the presence of the lakes at almost every home site in Okoboji, whether they are located on the miles of lakeshore frontage or in the wooded lots nearby.
  • Orleans

    Pop. 516
    We invite you to enjoy all the amenities Orleans and Big Spirit Lake have to offer, whether for a day, a weekend, or a lifetime, we welcome you to the City of Orleans, home of Big Spirit Lake.
  • Spirit Lake

    Pop. 5,516
    Spirit Lake is located in the center of the Iowa Great Lakes. Spirit Lake was founded and continues to reflect the best of Midwestern values – offering families a wide variety of community, recreation, employment and business opportunities.
  • Superior

    Pop. 130
    Superior is located in northeastern Dickinson County along Highway 9. It is home to Green Plains Ethanol and a couple miles west of town is the Superior 71 Drive-In Theater.
  • Terril

    Pop. 324
    Terril is located in the southeastern corner of Dickinson County. It is a small, but active community and is the home of the Graettinger-Terril Elementary School.
  • Wahpeton

    Pop. 346
    Wahpeton is located on the west side of West Lake Okoboji, between Miller's Bay and Emerson Bay. Gull Point State Park is situated within the city and provides camping and hiking opportunities to visitors.
  • West Okoboji

    Pop. 310
    The City of West Okoboji is nestled between Arnolds Park and Wahpeton. The community is on West Lake Okoboji, from which its name was taken. At one time, West Okoboji and Wahpeton were the same town, but separated in September of 1930.

    The Organizations We Belong To

    • Iowa Emergency Management Association
    • High-risk Entry and Arrest Team (HEAT)
    • Tri-State Emergency Management Association

    Office Location

    Dickinson County Courthouse
    1802 Hill Avenue, Suite B103
    Spirit Lake, IA 51360